Track 5. Educational Innovation


The constant transformations of the knowledge society require tools so that society itself can evolve in a planned and controlled manner. In the field of education, educational innovation is the tool that makes it possible to progressively adapt learning to make it more effective and efficient. However, in the last year there has been an unforeseen, drastic change that has modified the way of acting from one day to the next, it is the Covid-19. Whatever used to be a progressive adaptation is now an immediate necessity to be applied as soon as possible and, in this context, educational innovation plays a transcendental role. In this edition of the track “Educational Innovation” in TEEM conference 2021, we are looking for a meeting point that allows: to share innovative developments in the learning process and to continue both the advancement of the training process and the adaptation to the new academic situation.


  • Active and collaborative methodologies: ABP, Flip teaching, Teamwork, etc.
  • Adaptive learning with technologies
  • Educational innovation management
  • Educational trends
  • Knowledge management systems in education
  • New methodologies and technologies for face to face, distance and blended learning
  • Open learning: MOOCs, Open source software, etc.
  • Tools: Games, Learning communities, Portfolios, Virtual laboratories, etc.
  • Training in generic competences
  • Educational models in the COVID-19 period

Track instructions and Program (Wednesday 27th, F2F-Hybrid, 17.30-19.00, location Sala de Graus, floor 1)

It will be necessary to send the chairs a video with a maximum duration of 5m. These video-presentations will be available on-line. At least one author per paper has to participate in the track session (online or in-person):

  • Welcome to the chairs.
  • Each attendant will introduce herself/himself (online or face-to-face).
  • Each one will have 2 minutes for introducing herself/himself and summarize his/her contribution, WITHOUT slides.
  • Discussion led by the chairs.

The order of the presentations will be:

Track Scientific Committee

María Luisa Sein-Echaluce (University of Zaragoza, Spain) – Chair
Ángel Fidalgo (Technical University of Madrid, Spain) – Chair
Alicia García Holgado (University of Salamanca, Spain)
Ana María Balbín (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Perú)
Ángel Fidalgo (Technical University of Madrid, Spain)
David Fonseca (La Salle, University of Ramon Llull, Spain)
Ernest Redondo (University Polytechnic of Cataluña, Spain)
Faraón Llorens (University of Alicante, Spain)
Fernando Martínez Abad (University of Salamanca, Spain)
Francisco José García Peñalvo (University of Salamanca, Spain)
Gianpiero Limongiello (CINECA- Consorzio Interuniversitario, Milan, Italy)
Jorge Joo Nagata (Universidad Metropolitana de Ciencias de la Educación, Chile)
José Carlos Sánchez Prieto (University of Salamanca, Spain)
José Luis Martín Núñez (Technical University of Madrid, Spain)
Laura García Ruesgas (University of Sevilla, Spain)
Margarida Lucas (Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal)
María Amparo Verdú Vázquez (Technical University of Madrid, Spain)
María Sánchez Canales (Technical University of Madrid, Spain)
María Soledad Ramírez Montoya (Tecnológico de Monterrey, México)
Miguel Ángel Conde (University of León, Spain)
Ricardo Castedo (Technical University of Madrid, Spain)
Sara Bozzini (CINECA – Consorzio Interuniversitario, Milán, Italy)
Susana Sastre Merino (Technical University of Madrid, Spain)
Vicente Martínez (Universitat Jaume I de Castellón, Spain)